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Containment Technologies Group (CTG) is a name that you’ve come to know and trust. We manufacture the Mobile Isolation Chamber (MIC) barrier isolator and developed the Compounding Aseptic Isolator (CAI). Containment Technologies Group was founded in 1994 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The barrier isolator had been around for many decades, but was considered only an emerging technology within the United States. The MIC barrier isolator quickly eliminated that stigma. There are now more than 1,500 MICs in operation.

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Michele Moore, RPh, MBA

Director of Technology

Hank Rahe, BSIM, MSE

National Sales Director

Al Long, PhD

National Accounts Director

Greg Herron, MBA

CTG president Michele Moore, RPh, MBA, fondly remembers introducing the MIC barrier isolator to pharmacies more than a decade ago. “When we presented the MIC, many pharmacists looked in amazement and asked if it was some type of incubator for the neonatal unit. We’ve obviously come a long way over the last 13 years. Some pharmacy equipment manufacturers scoffed at the idea and told us the technology would never be accepted. Now look—many laminar flow workbench providers are trying to make a barrier isolator that can compete with our MIC barrier isolator. We are quite proud to be the innovators and flattered to have so many manufacturers following in our footsteps.”

Innovation, Technology, Leadership

Customers of CTG benefit from the company’s commitment to manufacturing quality, excellent service and exceeding client expectations. This commitment never wavers. CTG also strives to maintain its position of leadership via cutting-edge technology and innovation within the barrier isolation industry. “The modular design of the MIC in 1994 was not made by chance,” said director of technology Hank Rahe, BSIM, MSE. “It was done for a purpose. We were ahead of the regulatory curve more than a decade ago, and our newest member of the MIC family, the MIC-EDU [Environmental Decontamination Unit], is ahead of the regulatory curve again. Our mission within the technology division at CTG is to continuously increase the level of sterility assurance. Manufacturers and barrier isolator experts agree that ‘close enough’ is just flat out unacceptable. We are continuously improving. We introduced the first generation of MIC isolators before the demands of the regulations. The first and second generations of the MIC isolator meet all current and proposed United States Pharmacopeia (USP) <797> regulations. We know the current regulations will be changed, and the MIC-EDU will meet the standards that all others must follow.”

Make Your Selection a Good One!

Containment Technologies Group understands that choosing capital equipment for hospital pharmacies can be a daunting endeavor. CTG helps make the process and the decision easy. MIC isolators put the pharmacy in immediate compliance but, most importantly, the company provides a quality product and is committed to excellence. MICs meet all current compliance standards and are designed to adapt to any changes. CTG understands, from experience, the dynamics of the regulatory environment. As soon as the first set of changes is agreed on, another is already being debated. CTG will be there with a complete solution to all major regulatory needs. The company does not sell an MIC and then dump the isolator on a hospital’s dock and wish the facility good luck as the truck pulls away. CTG partners with hospitals from the very beginning to assist them in selecting the right product, configuration and style. The company works with the hospital to arrange delivery, setup and installation within the pharmacy department. CTG provides as much training as needed to bring staff up to speed on proper use of the MIC. The company offers a wide selection of post-implementation services such as routine and emergency service, certification and training plans. It stocks a full menu of support products such as consumables, media-fill test kits and supplies. CTG has the resource of experts to assist with regulatory questions. And most importantly, CTG takes the needed steps to ensure a successful partnership.