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ICU Medical connects patients and caregivers through safe, life-saving, life-enhancing medical devices, providing clinicians around the world with innovative and cost-effective patient care solutions for unmet clinical needs. Since the 1970s, the unsafe handling of hazardous drugs used to treat many forms of cancer has been recognized as a significant health hazard to health care workers, including oncology pharmacists. In response to these well-documented risks, ICU Medical has developed the ChemoClave™ system, including the world’s only needlefree closed system transfer devices for the safe handling of hazardous drugs, and the Diana™ hazardous drug compounding system, an automated sterile compounding system for the accurate, safe and efficient preparation of hazardous drugs.

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ICU Medical, Inc.
951 Calle Amanecer
San Cle?mente, CA 92673
Phone: (866) 829-9025
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Chairman of the Board President and CEO

George A. Lopez, MD

The Diana System

The Diana system is the world’s first needlefree, user-controlled automated sterile compounding system for the safe preparation and reconstitution of hazardous drugs. The Diana system takes the variation out of manual drug preparation practice and lets clinicians create a repeatable sterile preparation and safe-handling process. The Diana system is designed to facilitate both low-volume and high-volume preparation of drugs, fits inside the pharmacy’s biological safety cabinet and complements existing pharmacy workflows. The system also provides automated checks and reminders to improve workflow efficiency and safety.

User-Controlled Automated Sterile Compounding for Maximum Accuracy and Safety

The Diana hazardous drug compounding system is the new standard in accuracy, safety, and efficiency for the automated sterile compounding of hazardous drugs.

Unlike automated technologies that require huge investments and do not fit into existing workflows, the Diana system cost-effectively keeps pharmacists and technicians in control of the compounding process from beginning to end. The mechanically and microbiologically closed design of the Diana system is accomplished through a series of innovative, needlefree components that attach to all containers that are dispensing or receiving a drug in the compounding process, to protect the preparation from exposure to environmental contaminants while also protecting the clinician from both exposure to the drug and accidental needlesticks.

Reduces Risk for Repetitive Stress Injuries and Increases Efficiencies

The Diana system helps free pharmacists and technicians from many of the repetitive motions required during drug preparation and reconstitution, and helps reduce the stresses and injuries that can occur as a result. Also, by helping clinicians improve the efficiency of high-volume compounding, the Diana system can deliver workflow efficiencies while reducing drug waste by extracting every drop of drug from every container. The Diana system’s proprietary enabling technology includes pre-packaged preparation sets and ICU Medical’s clinically proven simple, safe and secure ChemoClave™ needlefree closed devices to help enhance health care worker safety and comply with OSHA, NIOSH, ASHP, ISOPP, ONS, APHON and USP <797>.

The ChemoClave System

The affordable, easy-to-use ChemoClave system includes the world’s only needlefree closed system transfer devices for the safe handling of hazardous drugs.

ICU Medical’s ChemoClave system, designed to keep clinicians safe from dangerous exposure to hazardous drugs, provides clinicians with a variety of needlefree vial access devices, a selection of needlefree bag spikes, and primary add-on and administration sets featuring the Spiros® CSTD Male Luer. These devices work together to create and maintain a mechanically and microbiologically closed system throughout the preparation, transportation, administration and disposal of hazardous drugs.

Commitment to the Safety of Oncology Pharmacists

Treating cancer patients takes compassion. It shouldn’t take your life. With limited federal regulation for devices that reduce exposure to hazardous drugs, ICU Medical has taken on the responsibility of increasing clinical awareness of the dangers of exposure to these chemicals and improving safety throughout the oncology drug-handling process. ICU Medical is committed to providing easy-to-use needlefree solutions that generate less biohazardous waste and lower costs, while helping keep clinicians and patients safe.

For more information on how to improve the accuracy, safety and efficiency of the hazardous drug-compounding process, visit us at​oncology or call (866) 829-9025.

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