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CutisPharma, Inc.


CutisPharma, Inc., brings innovation and value to the prescription-compounding sector of hospital and health-system pharmacies. Patient-specific FI℞ST® – Compounding Kits simplify the entire process by quickening preparation and helping facilitate reimbursements. What typically takes compounders up to 15 minutes to do now takes just minutes.

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CutisPharma, Inc.
68 Cummings Park
Woburn, MA 01801
Contact: Jim Nagle, Vice President–Business Development
Phone: (781) 935-8141 ext. 120

Patient Specific Prescription Compounding Kits

  • FI℞ST® – Omeprazole Suspension: 3, 5, 10 oz.
  • FI℞ST® – Lansoprazole Suspension: 3, 5, 10 oz.
  • FI℞ST® – Mouthwash BLM: 4, 6, 8 oz.
  • FI℞ST® – BXN Mouthwash
  • FI℞ST® – Duke’s Mouthwash
  • FI℞ST® – Mary’s Mouthwash
  • FI℞ST® – 10% Hydrocortisone in Ultrasound Gel
  • FI℞ST® – Progesterone Vaginal Suppository USP: 25, 50, 100, 200, 400 mg
  • FI℞ST® – Testosterone MC: 2% Testosterone in White Moisturizing Cream Base
  • FI℞ST® – Testosterone: 2% Testosterone in White Petrolatum

Greater efficiencies in the compounding process bring multiple financial and clinical gains to hospital and health-system pharmacies. By using pre-measured, pre-weighed unit-of-use prescription compounding kits, pharmacies and nurses save significant staff time in preparation, help lower the total costs of compounding, and refine their just-in-time inventories to ensure ingredients are on hand when needed and ready to use over longer periods of shelf life. All dispensing containers are bar-coded for convenient bedside scanning.

Clinically, the packaged reagents help deliver consistent accuracy of the compound admixtures and speed medication delivery to patients, if compounded according to instructions, because they’re easier and quicker to use than the typical laborious processes. These benefits, in turn, may lead to better patient health outcomes. The kits also help facilitate compliance with USP <795>.

“Industry-wide savings can be vast. [The] FDA estimates 30 million hospital-outpatient and retail compounding prescriptions are filled per year. Inpatient figures are also significant, yet harder to pinpoint because they lack a single NDC number,” said Jim Nagle, Vice President–Business Development at CutisPharma.

The NDC number imprinted on each end-use container in every CutisPharma FI℞ST® – Kit facilitates third-party reimbursement for health systems. The single NDC number for the entire kit may also improve patient safety, because of minimized dispensing errors, suiting the growing number of inpatient and outpatient pharmacies that bar-code prescriptions from point of dispensing to point of care.

FI℞ST® Compounding Kits for Widely Used PPIs

FI℞ST® – Omeprazole and FI℞ST® – Lansoprazole Suspension Unit-of-Use Compounding Kits in 3, 5 and 10 oz sizes.

CutisPharma, Inc., also offers FI℞ST® – Omeprazole and FI℞ST® – Lansoprazole Patient Specific Oral Suspension Compounding Kits. These kits will help pharmacists quickly dispense these compounded prescriptions containing widely used proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). Traditionally, compounded omeprazole and lansoprazole oral suspensions can take up to several hours to prepare and have an unpleasant taste. With FI℞ST® – Omeprazole and FI℞ST® – Lansoprazole, pharmacists need only add the liquid suspension to the powder, shake, and then within minutes can dispense to the patient with improved flavoring.

“We invested a lot of time to develop these new suspension kits. The results are a pleasant-tasting strawberry-flavored medication with adequate stability once compounded,” said Dr. Indu Muni, founder, chairman and CEO of CutisPharma, Inc. “These products offer another advantage for hospital use: Since the suspensions are made using powders and not pellets, our new compounded suspensions should flow more easily through nasogastric (NG) tubes, with minimal clogging compared to current practice. Also, our three different sizes of packaging, 3 oz., 5 oz. and 10 oz., provide considerable prescribing flexibility.”

FI℞ST® Compounding Kits for Often-filled ‘Magic Mouthwashes’

The FI℞ST® – Magic Mouthwash line contains FI℞ST® – Mouthwash BLM (4, 6 and 8 oz sizes), BXN, Duke’s and Mary’s versions.

CutisPharma, Inc., offers convenient kits that make dispensing some of the most commonly prescribed suspensions a simple, easy process. Commonly known as ‘Magic Mouthwashes,’ the products include:

Each FI℞ST® Kit has everything needed to compound one prescription from one prescriber for one patient. They include pre-weighed powders and a pre-measured suspension. The pharmacist needs only to add the powders to the liquid suspension, shake and dispense.

“The company now has a wide range of FI℞ST® ‘Magic Mouthwash’ formulations to choose from, particularly for the most commonly prescribed and used,” Dr. Muni said.

FI℞ST® products save dispensing time and can be compounded by the pharmacist while the patient waits, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Using FI℞ST® Mouthwash kits, the pharmacist can compound a prescription faster than those prepared in the conventional way.

FI℞ST® – 10% Hydrocortisone in Ultrasound Gel Compounding Kit

Primarily prescribed for physical therapy patients, the FI℞ST® – 10% Hydrocortisone in Ultrasound Gel Compounding Kit contains 6 g of micronized hydrocortisone USP in a 24-g suspension with propylene glycol USP and simethicone USP. It also includes 36 g of ultrasound gel for topical use. The kit has a two-year shelf life prior to compounding.

There are approximately 350,000 10% Hydrocortisone in Ultrasound Gel prescriptions written annually. A CutisPharma cost comparison shows that FI℞ST® – 10% Hydrocortisone Kit can yield a profit of over $9 for a compounding pharmacy versus a loss of over $16 when the admixture is compounded conventionally. Also, preparation time is cut to two minutes from well over 15 minutes.

Growing Portfolio Serves Compounding Needs

The CutisPharma Kit portfolio is growing to meet pharmacy’s increasing reliance on compounding. To meet the need for efficiencies, safety and convenience, all FI℞ST® Patient-Specific Compounding Kits follow the simple rule of “one prescription from one prescriber for one patient.”

CutisPharma, Inc., now has 20 proprietary prescription compounding kits on the market: five progesterone suppository compounding kits, two testosterone kits, one hydrocortisone kit, six Magic Mouthwash kits, three omeprazole suspension kits and three lansoprazole suspension kits. Several more compounding kits, including a grape-flavored Vancomycin Suspension, are in the planning stages.

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