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RxWorks™ From AmerisourceBergen Technology Group (ABTG)


A platform designed to provide true integration of inventory, workflow, bar coding, packaging and carousel solutions, RxWorks is optimal for facilities that want greater inventory control, reduced medication errors and advanced unit-dose packaging, while best using limited space. RxWorks is a scalable platform, designed to expand as you expand.

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AmerisourceBergen Technology Group
1400 Busch Parkway
Buffalo Grove, IL
Toll-free Phone: (877) 781-ABTG (2284)
Website: www.abtg.com

Vice President General Manager

Tony Guarino



Company Background

AmerisourceBergen Technology Group (ABTG) is a business of AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation and has been a leader in the pharmacy automation industry for nearly 20 years. From small community pharmacies dispensing a few dozen prescriptions per shift to multifacility health systems supporting thousands of lives, ABTG has technology solutions that will help improve patient safety, streamline medication management processes and control costs. The ultimate goal is to provide its business partners with safer and smarter ways to care for their patients, customers and communities.

Product Overview

RxWorksfrom AmerisourceBergen Technology Group (ABTG) is the platform on which many of ABTG’s inpatient pharmacy solutions are integrated. Features include:

Beyond integration, RxWorks is an open system, which means that ABTG designed the platform to have interfacing capabilities with virtually any vendor or device.

Features and Options


RxWorks Inventory. This powerful inventory management software module integrates pharmacy, automation, materials, finance, nursing and purchasing systems. With the ability to provide a perpetual inventory system for any number of locations, RxWorks Inventory helps facilities save time and money through better management of drugs and materials processes.

RxWorks Workflow. This integrated software solution is developed to address pharmacy needs for safer, more efficient workflow management. RxWorks Workflow easily integrates into the pharmacy environment and interfaces with the pharmacy information management system. Easy to learn and use, RxWorks Workflow is a comprehensive software solution that improves safety and workflow by efficiently guiding staff to the appropriate pick locations (automated and manual), and more importantly, ensuring the right drug is picked, in the right dose, for the right patient.

RxWorks 340B. Also integrated on the RxWorks platforms, RxWorks 340B offers a comprehensive approach to track, report and replenish 340B inventory, while improving the overall efficiency of the pharmacy’s supply chain. Implementing this solution provides the pharmacy with the assurance that its 340B savings will be maximized, and time spent ordering medications will be minimized.


Fastfind® Universal. The carousel allows technicians to retrieve medications from a single location, and its ergonomic design minimizes technicians’ bending and reaching by picking from the waist height. Driven by the RxWorks platform, the Fastfind Universal employs complete inventory management for all items stored in the carousel. That includes the ability to generate purchase orders directly from the carousel when inventory is running low.

FastPak® EXP. ABTG’s premier packaging solution, the FastPak EXP consists of packaging subunits that can be easily switched between standard or narrow widths: standard for traditional unit-dose and multidose solutions, narrow for automated dispensing cabinets or 30-day boxes. Innovative Smart Canisters are optional and can be interchanged quickly, enabling the automation of limitless oral solids.

Barcoding Station. The Barcoding Station allows bar codes to be added to products that are either not bar coded by the manufacturer or inadequately coded/unreadable by a barcode medication administration scanner. Through extensive market research and customer feedback, ABTG updates and launches new technology solutions routinely. Look for more cutting-edge introductions from ABTG coming soon!

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