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PharMEDium is the leading outsourced pharmacy provider, rigorously ensuring the accuracy and sterility of all your customized sterile compounded preparations. The company has grown into a nationwide network of state-licensed and federally registered compounding centers providing trusted solutions to more than 2,000 hospitals throughout the United States. Managed by licensed pharmacists and staffed by certified technicians, PharMEDium complies with all appropriate state laws and federal regulations, including requirements from the United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <797> and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Admixtures for All Areas of Your Hospital

PharMEDium can help. With proven admixture services for all areas of the hospital, PharMEDium can significantly reduce the time and effort required to produce high-quality compounded preparations. Your pharmacy will run smoothly, your admixtures will stay compliant with current and future regulations, and you’ll have more time to focus on what you do best: taking care of your patients.

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Two Conway Park 150 N Field Drive, Suite 350
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Phone: (800) 523-7749
Web site:


Pain management PCAs and
epidurals; labor and delivery, nerve block and local anesthetics, OR anesthesia syringe preparations; electrolyte solutions; antibiotics; antiemetics, cardiovascular/cardioplegia; renal replacement solutions; total parenteral nutrition; intrathecal preparations.

Supported specialties include:

At PharMEDium, we understand that accuracy must begin long before a compounded preparation enters the OR. That’s why we developed a process of 200% inspection along with a highly specialized system that uses automated bar-code verification to ensure that the right drug in the right concentration is present in each syringe and is labeled correctly, every time. PharMEDium’s tamper-evident packaging enhances patient care by reducing the potential for diversion and waste.

PharMEDium OR anesthesia syringe preparations, in an array of requested concentrations, include:


Industry-Leading Label Design

The admixtures you receive from PharMEDium feature easy-to-read labels designed to help reduce errors and facilitate proper administration:


e222: The Only Drug Order Form Officially Endorsed by Trees

Paperless. Effortless. Costs less. Only from PharMEDium.

Enjoy the benefits of PharMEDium even faster. An electronic version of DEA Form 222 for Schedule II Controlled Substances (e222) can now be filled out and submitted electronically at You can reduce the time you spend filling out orders from minutes to seconds! PharMEDium is the only outsourced compounder to offer this service!

To learn more about PharMEDium, please visit the Web site at or call us at (800) 523-7749.

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