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Medi-Dose, Inc./EPS, Inc.


Pioneers of unit-dose packaging, The Medi-Dose® Group constantly responds to pharmacy needs with innovative solid and liquid, oral unit-dose packaging products and a wide range of flexible, cost-effective IV, filtration, pharmacy and nursing accessories.

The Medi-Dose Group has always had deep roots—family roots. Medi-Dose began as a small family business in 1971, when Milton Braverman, a former pharmaceutical company territory manager, formed his own company. He was acutely aware of the requirements of hospital pharmacy. His sons, Robert and Mark, continue the tradition for The Medi-Dose Group.

The Bravermans carved a niche for the company—initially with solid oral unit-dose packaging. Although the concept of unit dose is familiar today, launching the idea was one of the biggest problems the new company faced. “We were one of the pioneers, the innovators promoting unit dose in hospitals,” Robert Braverman recalled. “Due in part to Medi-Dose’s educational efforts, pharmacists and nurses accepted the validity of unit dose.”

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Phone: (800) 523-8966
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  • Medi-Dose® (Solid) and TampAlerT® (Liquid) Oral Unit-Dose Packaging
  • Medi-Cup® PLUS packaging for extended beyond-use dating
  • MILT® by Medi-Dose unit-dose and bar-coding software
  • LiquiDose® labeling, IV additive and filtration products
  • Nultraviolet® ultraviolet light inhibitant bags
  • Steri-Dropper sterile ophthalmic dropper bottles
  • High Alert and I.V. Line Tracing Labels
  • Resealable bags, bottles and other pharmacy supplies and disposables

Medi-Dose is constantly responding to pharmacy packaging needs. Providing stability, ultraviolet (UV) light inhibition, easy opening and tamper evidence have always been paramount concerns regarding prepackaging. Using Medi-Dose, a pharmacist can package a medication and store it for up to one year without loss of potency due to UV light transmission or moisture permeation.

Hospitals can install the Medi-Dose solid oral unit-dose system for about $700; this includes all the supplies for 5,000 doses of medication, as well as software for complete medication and bar-coding identification. Total solid and liquid oral systems can be set up for less than $1,000.

MILT by Medi-Dose Software

With bar coding increasingly important to pharmacy practice, Medi-Dose designed its widely used MILT by Medi-Dose software (Medi-Dose Information Labeling Technology, named for the company’s founder). “My father wanted bar coding on medication packaging early on, to minimize the potential for medication error,” Robert Braverman said. “So, we’ve been constantly improving our programs to meet this vital pharmacy challenge and need.”

MILT 3.0 software.

MILT 3.0 by Medi-Dose not only has sophisticated one- and two-dimensional bar-coding technology to include lot numbers, beyond-use dates and National Drug Codes (NDC) on one bar code; it also includes an upgradable NDC database, directly from the FDA. Pharmacists can simply type or scan in the NDC number, and MILT by Medi-Dose will supply the pertinent information. The pharmacist can map this information to designated fields, reducing the risk for error. MILT by Medi-Dose also contains field-locking capability for extra security; enhanced formatting for quick medication identification; support for syringe, ampule and IV Line Tracing labeling; customized work flow and comprehensive logs and reports; as well as laser, inkjet and thermal printer capabilities.

EPS, Inc.: A Focus on IV Medications

EPS® (Extemporaneous Packaging Systems), Inc., a companion company to Medi-Dose, Inc., was founded in 1977. Today, EPS manufactures and markets liquid unit-dose packaging supplies and IV additive disposables for the preparation and dispensing of IV medications. Other EPS products include male/female Luer-lock closures, injection ports, trays and totes, tapes and labels, UV inhibitant bags and resealable bags, IV software and high-alert medication identification bands.

Like Medi-Dose, the EPS TampAlerT® system for liquids offers tamper evidence. “The premier advantage of TampAlerT is its tamper-evident seal,” Robert Braverman said. “Ten minutes after you dispense your liquid and screw the TampAlerT cap on the vial, the seal is in place. Heat tunnels and accessory sealing equipment are not necessary. TampAlerT is tamper evidence with a twist of the wrist!”

Pharmacists’ input has made Medi-Dose the ideal manual, solid oral unit-dose packaging system.

The company’s IV accessories also are highly successful. “We see them as natural advancements of the initial Medi-Dose system. In essence, IV dispensing is a highly specialized form of unit dose,” he added. “It’s the same idea—preparing and administering predetermined amounts of medication for one regular dose or application.”

Although all of the products continue to meet with gratifying, widespread acceptance, both Medi-Dose and EPS remain highly motivated. “We’re always looking for new products and developing innovative, cost-effective ways to help pharmacists, always with an eye toward reducing the potential for medication error,” noted Mr. Braverman. “One of our newest products meeting these criteria is our line of IV and High Alert Line Tracing Labels which makes it easy to label and trace IV lines for any medication in any setting (hospital, home or clinic). Pharmacy simply places the entire label on an IV infusion container. When the medication is administered at the bedside, nursing applies one line label to each end of the tubing. This facilitates easy line traces, improves accuracy and helps minimize IV line confusion.” He added that 10 preprinted labels as well as customizable Line Tracing Labels (when used with the MILT 3.0 software) are immediately available.

EPS’s innovative Line Tracing Label with a unique three-part piggyback design provides safe and economical protection for IV lines.

“All our IV High Alert and Line Tracing Labels reduce the potential for error, minimize liability exposure and save lives—all for an extremely affordable price,” Mr. Braverman said.

Mark D. Braverman, director of operations, is responsible for the company’s extensive computer network. He coordinates all purchasing activities, both domestic and international. Mark and Robert are aggressively bringing an expanded line of economically priced, generic alternatives to expensive brands of plastic products to the company’s customers.

Robert Braverman noted, “We’ve come a long way from being a small family business; we still have remained as attentive and responsive to pharmacy needs as we were more than 30 years ago. Now we have the ability and the products to respond to pharmacists’ needs all over the world—and we do.”

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