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ICU Medical connects patients and caregivers through safe, life-saving, life-enhancing medical devices, providing clinicians around the world with innovative and cost-effective patient care solutions for unmet clinical needs. Since the 1970s, the unsafe handling of hazardous drugs used to treat many forms of cancer has been recognized as a significant health hazard to healthcare workers, including oncology pharmacists. In response to these well-documented risks, ICU Medical has developed the ChemoClaveTM system, the world’s only needlefree closed system transfer device (CSTD) for the safe handling of hazardous drugs.

The ChemoClave System

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ICU Medical, Inc.
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Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

George A. Lopez, MD

ICU Medical’s ChemoClave system is designed to keep clinicians safe from dangerous exposure to hazardous drugs and features a variety of needlefree vial access devices, bag spikes, as well as primary and administration sets that can be configured to meet individual clinical needs. These devices work together to create and maintain a mechanically and microbiologically closed system throughout the preparation, transportation, administration, and disposal of hazardous drugs. At no point in the process are clinicians, patients, or the environment exposed to hazardous chemicals.


ICU Medical is committed to helping facilities adhere to needlefree policies. The needlefree ChemoClave system eliminates the risk of hazardous needlestick injuries during the oncology drug safe handling process. ChemoClave system features a passive, self-sealing technology that automatically returns each device to the closed position when disconnected, whether intentionally or by accident. As a closed system, ChemoClave features permanently bonded connections that eliminate add-on components and the potential for unsafe disconnect points.


Easy to Use

Because ChemoClave is so easy to use, it reduces opportunities for misuse or malfunction while increasing compliance with safe handling best practices. ICU Medical developed the ChemoClave system with automatic self-sealing technology that requires no cumbersome component assembly. This intuitive system meets NIOSH and ASHP guidelines, and can help ensure safe handling compliance throughout the entire hazardous drug handling process.

Less Waste, Lower Cost

As economic pressures increase for healthcare facilities, the need to drive clinical and economic efficiencies is more critical than ever. The ChemoClave system can help facilities significantly reduce biohazardous waste and lower their implementation costs compared to other commercially available CSTDs. Reducing biohazardous waste helps lower the chance of environmental exposure to hazardous drugs and decreases hazardous waste removal costs.

A recent study looked at the costs associated with implementing various CSTD systems throughout the clinical delivery continuum, including the preparation, transportation, administration, and disposal of hazardous drugs. Real cost savings was estimated to be as much as $307,000 a year with the ChemoClave System for a single high-volume cancer facility as compared to other CSTD systems. Another study that analyzed costs of available CSTDs estimated that using the ChemoClave System could save a facility between $57.50 and $112.50 for every 100 chemotherapy bags administered.


Commitment to the Safety of Oncology Pharmacists

Treating cancer patients takes compassion. It shouldn’t take your life. With limited federal regulation for devices that reduce exposure to hazardous drugs, ICU Medical has taken responsibility to increase clinical awareness of the dangers of exposure to these chemicals and improve safety throughout the oncology drug handling process. ICU Medical is committed to providing easy-to-use needlefree solutions that generate less biohazardous waste and lower costs, while helping keep clinicians and patients safe.

Only ICU Medical gives you a simple, safe and secure needlefree closed system transfer device to help enhance healthcare worker safety and comply with OSHA, NIOSH, ASHP, ISOPP, ONS, APHON and USP <797>. For more information on how to keep you and your patients safe, visit us at or call 1-866-829-9025.

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