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Prepackaged Unit Dose Provides Many Benefits for Health Systems

Patient safety is a critical issue for health systems. As a result, many health systems seek bar-coded product to dispense to patients. Bar-coded products used in conjunction with bar code medication administration (BCMA) systems, automate the “five rights.” American Health Packaging supports this health systems’ priority with its growing line of prepackaged unit-dose products.

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Rick Knight

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Brian McMillan

There are many benefits to American Health Packaging prepackaged unit-dose products:

Safety. Companies that specialize in pharmaceutical packaging are highly regulated and scrutinized by the FDA. Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) compliance ensures that products are packaged in a regulated and safe environment. Packaging professionals are adept at ensuring the product’s lot number, National Drug Code and expiration date are recorded correctly and legibly.

Pharmacy efficiency. Pharmacies are concerned with the timely processing of orders to supply the proper medications to patients quickly as possible. Adding a multitude of steps to package and check commercially available products in-house not only slows down this process, it also takes those clinicians away from their core competency—patient care.

Many of our UD products are industry exclusives—only available from AHP.

Liability management. Packaging products within health system pharmacies can be met with various distractions in terms of quality systems and process controls. Errors that arise can place the liability on the hospital, as well as the caregivers themselves. Mitigation of risk is key. Purchasing medications from a highly regulated, cGMP compliant company such as AHP shifts some of the burden of responsibility from the health system.

Cost savings. In addition to shifting the potential costs of errors, health systems that choose to package on-site must consider other direct costs such as establishing the packaging infrastructure as well as paying the highly trained professional staff to perform, manage and support non-core work.

Safety in Every Dose

Bar-coded to the dose level, our unit dose line has grown substantially in the last couple of years. The line now contains over 350 SKUs. And, nearly a third are industry exclusives—only available from American Health Packaging in a unit dose bar coded package format. American Health Packaging’s products support many therapeutic classes. Recent product introductions include Atorvastatin Calcium tablets, Clopidogrel tablets, Quetiapine Fumarate tablets, Olanzapine and Ziprasidone HCl tablets.

About American Health Packaging

American Health Packaging is a subsidiary of AmerisourceBergen. Our manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA and fully adheres to current cGMP. Industry veterans with nearly 100 years of collective experience lead the quality and manufacturing departments. American Health Packaging is licensed by the Drug Enforcement Administration to package Schedule II to V controlled substances.

Our bar-coded unit dose products support health systems’ patient safety efforts.
Find Us at the Intersection of Patient Safety and Pharmacy Efficiency!

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