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Prepackaged Unit Dose Provides Many Benefits For Health Systems

Patient safety is a critical issue for health systems. As a result, many health systems seek bar-coded products to dispense to patients. Bar-coded products used in conjunction with bar code medication administration (BCMA) systems, automate the “five rights.” American Health Packaging supports this health systems’ priority with its growing line of prepackaged unit dose products.

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There are many benefits to American Health Packaging prepackaged unit dose products:

Safety. Companies that specialize in pharmaceutical packaging are highly regulated and scrutinized by the FDA. Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) compliance ensures that products are packaged in a regulated and safe environment. Packaging professionals are adept at ensuring the product’s lot number, National Drug Code and expiration date are recorded correctly and legibly. Wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that the products you administer to patients have passed such production and regulatory scrutiny?

Pharmacy efficiency. Health systems are experts in the care of patients. Often, however, they are not as well suited or staffed for packaging tasks. Packaging can become an added burden to a department already at capacity. Packaging in-house requires close supervision and a number of checkpoints to ensure it is done correctly. Why be in the business of packaging when prepackaged, bar-coded unit dose products are available?

Cost savings. Establishing a packaging area within the hospital pharmacy is costly. In addition to the purchase of equipment, staff must be hired and trained to complete the associated packaging tasks. Prepackaged unit dose products minimize these fixed costs and the associated increase in staff overhead costs.

Liability management. Packaging in the hospital setting shifts the legal burden of accuracy in packaging and dispensing to hospital associates and dispensing caregivers. Prepackaged product, however, maintains a legal burden to be correct as delivered to the hospital. Prepackaged unit dose helps to protect pharmacy personnel and dispensing nurses from additional legal exposure.

Safety in Every Dose

Bar-coded to the dose level, our unit dose line has grown substantially in the last couple of years. The line now contains more than 325 SKUs. American Health Packaging’s products support many therapeutic classes. Particular areas of growth have been items that support psychiatric care, neuromuscular care and pain management. Recent launches include Venlafaxine HCl ER, Levofloxacin, Lansoprazole DR, Donepezil HCl and Hydromorphone HCl Cll.

To minimize the packaging burden in the hospital pharmacy, a specific niche in unit dose that American Health Packaging targets is exclusive unit dose items—products not offered in a bar-coded packaging format by other suppliers. About one-fourth of the line is comprised of exclusive items. Therefore, providers look to American Health Packaging when seeking niche or “difficult-to-find” unit dose items. Exclusive unit dose items include Dronabinol SGC Clll, Mercaptopurine, Ropinirole HCl, Isosorbide Mononitrate ER and vitamin D.

As an additional safety measure, American Health Packaging’s packages are color-coded to better distinguish them on the pharmacy shelf prior to dispensing. The company also uses “tall man” lettering to differentiate very similar product names. Stability tested to ensure a longer shelf life, these items are attractive to group purchasing organizations as they seek to provide highly sought after bar-coded products to their members. The line is stocked by the major wholesalers.

About American Health Packaging

American Health Packaging’s manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA and fully adheres to current cGMP. Industry veterans with nearly 100 years of collective experience lead the quality and manufacturing departments. American Health Packaging is licensed by the Drug Enforcement Administration to package Schedule II to V controlled substances.

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